What Russia is Doing to Ukraine is Like Massacre Arranged by Mughals Against Rajputs, Says Ambassador of Ukraine to India Dr Igor Polikha

Mar 02, 2022

Ukraine Ambassador to India compared the Russian military operation in Ukraine with Mughals massacre against Rajputs.

In a comment which raised many eyebrows, Ambassador of Ukraine to India, Dr Igor Polikha, on Tuesday (March 1) said what Russia is doing to Ukraine in the military operation is like a massacre arranged by Mughals against Rajputs.

“It’s like the massacre arranged by Mughals against Rajputs. We are asking every time all influential world leaders, among them Modi Ji, to use every resource against Putin to stop bombing and shelling,” ANI quoted the ambassador.

He added, “We discussed the modalities of Humanitarian aid. We are grateful to India for starting this aid. The first plane is expected to land in Poland today. I was assured by Foreign Secretary that Ukraine will get maximum humanitarian aid.”

The Communists and Islamists have been consistently denying any massacre by the Mughals. The Leftist historians go to any extent to defend the Mughals.

Any attempt to tell the truth about the violence of Mughals is met with contempt and disdain. The ambassador’s comment created a furore on social media.

Writer Arun Krishnan said, “Hold on! Hold on there Ambassador. We have been taught since childhood that the Mughals were cuddly, benevolent chaps who developed the Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb with love. You are cancelled!”

Commentator Gaurav Mishra said, “Ukraine should not have compared Mughals to Putin and Rajputs to Ukrainians. Now, Javed Akhtars, Rana Ayyubs, Sayemas, Swaras & Arfas of world will start supporting Putin!”

Biographer of Aurangzeb, Audrey Truschke, who is infamous for whitewashing the sins of the Mughals, had once famously said Aurangzeb protected more temples than he destroyed. US-based academician Truschke is currently embroiled in a controversy about running a campaign to de-platform historian Dr Vikram Sampath. Truschke wrote a letter to the Royal Historical Society accusing Dr Sampath of plagiarism. She asked the Society to rescind Dr Sampath’s fellowship.

Recently, she was caught circulating a support letter for herself with forged signatures of famous personalities. It was reported on Tuesday (March 1) that many personalities have distanced themselves from the letter.

As per the reports, Russia is making preparations for heavy military operation in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. On February 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a nuclear threat in light of Western sanctions on Russia.


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