Ashtanayika – Solo Art exhibition by a Malayali Artist at Jahangir Art Gallery. – Trilogy in thought process : Abstract, Advaita and Absolute.

A solo painting exhibition of a young artist Kripa Radhakrishnan was held at Jehangir Art Gallery  which was inaugurated on 02nd May 2022 by  SNDT Women’s University Vice Chancellor Ujwala Chardeo and many a enthusiastic art lovers were participated in that colourful function.
Kripa started the art of drawing when she was in Junior KG and her first Solo exhibition was held at BKS School, Vasai at the age of 12. Thereafter she got several awards of national  and international level during her school and college days.
The exhibition is still on at the most famous art cave of Mumbai in which she is presenting 37 paitings from her series ‘Ashtanayika’. Ashtanayika discusses eight forms of nayikas or heroines as classified by Bharathamuni in his treatise on performing arts: the  Natyashastra.  The classification  given to these  nayikas (heroines) is according to their  various fictional situations  the representations of different feelings and reactions. Many of the religious and mythological representations of Ashtanayika are present in literature and the arts .
Through this series ,  Kripa wants to  emphasise the celebration of Love and Companionship which is not merely bodily, rather it is depicted as  divinely and precious for ever.
Kripa Radhakrishnan is a Mumbai based artist, doing her Doctoral studies in Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University , Ohio ,USA.
She believes that it was a  turning point for her when she could meet many senior most Artists during  an  Art show (Titled  “Art Pooram “) held in  Savithri Phulebhai Natyagruha hall, Dombivli on the occassion of Mumbai Pooram (Replica of Thrissur Pooram ).  Krishnamachari Boss , Riyas Komu, Gayatri  Guruvayoor,  Santhosh TV, Jitesh Kallat, Justin Ponmani, Anoop  Panicker,  Lakshmi Harikrishnan,SN Sujith, TK Muraleedharan, PV Nandan, Rajan Raghavan, Pavithran Kannapuram, James Manalodi, Muralidas Peralassery, Premlal Raman  were few out of 25 Mumbai based  artists participated on three days show.Kripa also could meet many eminent personalities like Mrs. K.G.Menon (Secretary of  Jahamgir Art Gallery) famous Artist Laxman Shreshta , Late.Professor P.K.Ravindranath and many more . Kripa later decided to do further studies in Art and it was her dream to showcase her  solo painting  Jahangir Art gallery, the pride of Mumbai.
She completed MFA in Studio Arts (2019) from CUNY ,The City college of New York,  USA  and recieved Achievement medal of the Art Alumni : The Eggers Award .She is also a Gold Medalist from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.
Kripa is a trained classical dancer too and she is very keen to explore Indian Arts and culture through dance .Her other areas of art involvenent includes development Sculpture, Installation, printmaking and sound Art. Her artworks  generaly focus on spirituality and social issues.  Ashtanayika series of paintings are a blend of Spirituality, abstractness  and Innovaation .
Kripa basically do research on Advaita philosophy, which itself is abstract format of Nirguna Parabrahma.
Her research and paintings are inter- connected.  Abstract painting is a European concept  emerged in 19th centuary whereas Advaita philosophy is deepily rooted in Indian culture and spirituality .  Her research and paintings reflect the essessence of a trilogy in thought process:  Abstract, Advaita and Absolute.
Kripa is the daughter of Radhakrishnan and Valsala now living in Vasai.This show will be held till 8th May.
Written by Kvs Nelluvai.
*(Poet and Art Critic)
(Kvs Nelluvai is a  freelance writer and he was a enlisted Art writer with  Jahangir Art gallery from 2010 to 2015.He has curated many art  shows including ” Art Pooram” and published many articles on Art in leading malayalam periodicals).


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