The face of a betrayer – A jigsaw – Sunitha Ganesh

Because I loved you that much,
I sharpened
the graphitic tip again,
The one that you broke,
When I was drawing you
On my vein.

I never wanna sketch a betrayer…
Or the petals of a thrown out rose.
I was just imprinting a moment!
You know?
I was picking moments
from our journey,
And was solving a jigsaw.

First tab i picked was
your stained teeth,
Which frightened me,
when you sat against me
And chew the rice…
Rice or flesh!
I got really blank…

Even the small splash of time,
Spreaded so many
Loops and sockets!
One earing got unplugged
on it’s way to the shoulder
Slightly tearing a memory in bone.
Your teeths now,
glowing in white!

Vast snowy ground around,
With Jipsy birds chirping cool,
My neck got wedded,
With the sandstone beads,
Innies your fingers,
Didn’t shiver a bit?
Moments of outies!
A betrayer in born…

I never wanted to draw the face,
But only to pick the moments
Which got impinged on cells,
The brain processes now,
The face!
Now, the knives and holes are perfect,
Ofcourse the picture is transparent.

Sunitha Ganesh


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