Rain – Shanthini Tom

Rain is my childhood companion, as
I belong to the place where monsoon is born
She was part of my life as days and nights were
She is just not a weather, but a mood for me
A mood of renewal that’s so refreshing
She cleanses the mind, body, and everything around
Enhances the green of the trees;
Brightens the blue of the tarred roads
She is so lovable, you will realize
Once you enjoy her magical powers.
The magic of evoking emotions of love
The love towards life and the surroundings
Un-explainable feelings of mysteries of life
One will wonder how to put them in words
I had an affair with rain, my mom often laughed
Waving my little hands in rain from the verandah
I made friends with her very early in life
A little grown up, she was my only playmate
And later, she was my soulmate, love and solace.
The fairy of the monsoon is someone
Who takes me to an ecstatic serenity
She is a treasure trove of memories
That lets me lose myself in peace.
I miss her so much that even in my sleeps
I hear the sound of first rains on parched soil,
And smell the smell of new earth; and
Feel the silken, moody rain and mist.
I dream of watching her tirelessly
As she dances outside my window,
Remembering my tryst with her
I feel connected to the joys of homeland.

:Shanthini Tom


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