Did the British Really Hope for a Peaceful and Prosperous Post Independent Indian Subcontinent! -Sreenivas R Chirayath


Did the British really hope for a peaceful and prosperous post independent Indian Subcontinent?


-Sreenivas R Chirayath

The refugee problem is one of the biggest issues created by the British, just before they left the Indian Subcontinent.

Its like an everlasting kind of problem! First it erupted due to the creation of Pakistan.

Its not an absolute truth to say that India won independence without violence; because, the partition of India was part and parcel of an agreement imposed upon us by the British too!

Hence the blood shed due to partition, was one of the most severe in the history of civil wars in the world!

So there is no truth in saying that we won independence without violence!

The Stories of the displaced people between India and the new country, Pakistan, are heart wrenching – since countless number of innocent lives lost – and still its been claimed that the independence process was a non violent one!

‌The refugee phenomenon of Eastern India is a serious issue as it continues unlike what it was only an immediate post partition influx in the North-West.

But the problem due to separation of Burma and East Bengal from the mainstream India, as a provision of independence, has been there still;

Even though such a long time, ie seven decades, after Lakhs of innocent people became artificially stateless, due to the misdeed by the Invader, just before leaving the subcontinent!

The phenomenon doesn’t seems to find an end!

India should not have accepted a fractured independence that didn’t deliver neither a peaceful India nor a peaceful Pakistan nor
‌a peaceful Burma, Afghanistan or Bangladesh!

Obviously, Jinnah was not the only reason for bifurcation of India, as there was deep-rooted connivance by the British, since they didn’t want to see a peaceful and prosperous post independent Indian Subcontinent!

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