It just whirls – (GEETHA RAVINDRAN)

I do realize
Is a rigmarole
May I amplify as to define it
None other than
Anything that evolves
Just to go round n round
And terminate in a nothing.
Often it rises up
In a tinge of biased,
Yet, a sophisticated stimulus
As a huge whirlwind
Mouth wide open
To gulp down all that
Spreading panic
Diametrically drawing vast .
At times,
It’s an agitated ocean blue
Stirred up in furor
Swirling round 1
In a new found passion.
Binding curls to furl up
Keen to turn
Ringing unconsciously
Every soft brewed peace
Upside down …
From the moment
The birth is flagged off
In due thrill
mixed in
Multicolored joy !
None knows
How would it dare
To enter the churning hymns
Time-bound, paralleling
And copping up
With nothing left to grasp
Ultimately sinking
Down and touch a stand still …

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