Fruits of passion, a feast for the heart,
Beneath summer’s sun, a work of art.
Ripe and plump, bursting with flavor,
Nature’s sweet gift, a love to savor.

With every single bite, a taste of delight,
Each morsel, a story of real love’s flight.
Each juicy drop, a sweet kiss on the lips,
A love so pure, fascination forever grips.

Oh, fruits of passion, a true sensual treat,
A fruit so ripe, so rare and divinely sweet.
A taste of love, that sets hearts ablaze,
A feast of the senses, that forever stays.

From orchards lush, to gardens grand,
Fruits of passion, like many jewels stand.
Beneath the boughs, dreams come true,
The fruits of passion, a colourful love anew.

So grab a fruit, shred and taste its bliss,
A bite of heaven, a ravishing lover’s kiss.
For each fruit, we devour a secret lies,
A magical love so pure, and forever ties.

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