DISGRACE RULES – (Gopan Ambat)


Shanthivan, here echoes dwell,
Nehru’s spirits forever swell
A genuine leader emerged
Inspiring dreams he beamed.
His vision, novel and planned
Transformed a hopeful land.
With real eloquence he spoke,
True unity in his every stroke.
Oh tomb of Jawaharlal Nehru,
All Indians are proud and true,
Respect of himbefits your view.
Name board fading with time,
A symbol of most unkindness
Disregard anyone cannot bear,
Must be honoring with care.
Let’s restore the lost glory,
Of Nehru’s cherished story.
With love and reverence pure,
His legacy we shall endure.
The santhivan, a hallowed site,
Where greatness takes its right
Whispers of history’s embrace,
In each letter’s erased grace.
We all need to raise our voice,
To make a straight line choice,
Must Renew, rebuild & rejoice.
Nehru’s name shall ever shine,
In letters so strong and divine.
Struggles of past and present,
Spirit was always resplendent.
Santhivan, a sacred shrine,
Let the missing letters align.

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