Sicily George – സിസിലി ജോര്‍ജ്


I am Mrs.Sicily George, D/o Mr, and Mrs.Thomas Chakkaramakal, Palayoor and Katherina teacher. My late husband Mr.George Kuttikat and I have three children 1. Jilmet Antony, London, 2. Juliet Mathews, USA. 3. Jerish George, Canada.

I am a Mathematics graduate, worked as an accountant in a reputed firm. I left India in 2000. I have been involved in artistic works since childhood but I am also a writer, speaker, dancer, and actor.

At the age of 38, I became a widow with three children and worked tirelessly for my three children. Later, once my kids were settled, I started to immerse myself in the creative and literary field.

I am an active member of Age UK and
MAUK(Malayalee Association of U.K).

As a writer, I have published 4 books including stories and novels. I also wrote poems on a regular basis. Every month I am writing to Kerala Link (English Malayalam Paper) run by Shri.Philip Abraham, London.

I performed on stage programmes with my friends including doing charity work with London Malayalee Council.

Shri.Karoor Soman, Malayalam writer who has been a strong supporter and well-wisher of my literary works is engaged in promoting Malayalam literature worldwide. Recently, we started collaborating for Lima World Library which is a well-known world literary Malayalam and English online portal.

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