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Dr. Sunitha Ganesh

Assistant Professor (12 yr experience) & Research Guide in Physics, Government Victoria College, Palakkad, Kerala. PhD in Physics, MBA in HR,
Sub editor (honorary) in LIMA world library. Interested in Science and Literature. Writes in Malayalam and English periodicals. Has directed short film on woman issue “MTT (The Mud Trodden Tongue- 2020) & a documentary on woman night travel (2011)


Books Published (Literature):

1. Pappammayude punchiri, children literature, Malayalam, 2013, Apple Books, ISBN:8192452128

2. Karimashi, 2018, Novel,Malayalam, Haritham Books, ISBN:9788192828909

3. Choramazha, 2019, Poetry collection, Malayalam, Don Books, ISBN:9789386465917

4. Kattuhridayathodecheythath, Poetry collection, Malayalam, 2019, Don Books, ISBN: 9789386465924


1. Book on magnetism (Kanthikatha ariyendathellam, malayalam), 2008, DCBooks, Kottayam, ISBN:9788126418176.

2. Book on Sun (Sooryan, Malayalam), 2017, Jnaneswari, Kzhikkode, 2017, ISBN:9380178948

3. Science fiction (Bengarukalude Lokam, Malayalam), Janeswari, Kozhikkode, 2018, ISBN:9380178247

4. Book on Nuclear Physics (AAnavorjjam, Malayalam), 2019, DCBooks, Kottayam, ISBN:



1. Fluorescent carbon dots, chapter 5, Optical and Molecular Physics, Apple Academic Press, Edited by Estero et al., 2021, ISBN: 9781771889834.

2. Nuclear energy (Malayalam), Mini encyclopedia, DC Books, 2014, ISBN: 9788126435708.


International Science Journal Articles:

1. A. P. Sunitha, P. Praveen, M. K. Jayaraj, K. J. Saji; Upconversion and Downconversion Photoluminescence and Optical Limiting in Colloidal MoS2, Optical Materials, 85(2015) 61-70, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.optmat.2018.08.038.

2. A. P. Sunitha, P. Hajara, Manu Shaji, M. K. Jayaraj, K. J. Saji; Luminescent MoS2 quantum dots with reverse saturable absorption, J. ofLuminescence,203(2018),313-321. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jlumin.2018.06.004.

3. A.P. Sunitha, P. Praveen, P. Hajara, K. J. Saji; MoS2 Quantum dots for Photovoltaic Device Applications, AIP conf. proc. 2287, 020001(1-7) (2020); https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0029902

4. A. P. Sunitha, K. Sandeep, P. Praveen, K. J. Saji, Upconverting Carbon Quantum Dots: An Eco Friendly Material for Energy Harvesting and Bio Imaging, Materials Today: Proceedings 33 (2020) 1298–1300, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2020.03.822

5. Nayana K. Sunitha A. P., Probing the Nanostructure MoS2 as Catalyst in Light Activated and Electro Activated Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, Article number. MATPR-D-20-11687R1, Materials Today: Proc., 2021

6. A. P. Sunitha, K. Sandeep, Josny Rose, P. Hajara, K. J. Saji, Carbon Quantum Dots Synthesized from Plectranthus Amboinicus: An Eco-friendly Material with Excellent Non-linear Optical Properties, Materials Today Proc., Article Number: MATPR-D-21-01497, 2021


National Science Journal Articles:

1. A. P. Sunitha, P. Praveen, K. J. Saji, Growth of MoS2 Nanofilms by ModifiedThermal Evaporation Methods, Proceedings of National Seminar, edited by Dr. Sarada Karangadan. ISBN: 978-93-5391-561-2, 2019.

2. A. P. Sunitha, carbdots: A social survey & Experiment based Deduction on the Possibilities of Energy Harvesting and Bioimaging, ISSN:2319-7129, Apr 2018.


Research Achievements:

1. Best Poster award, International Conference, ICNEECS, 2015, Madurai Kamaraj University, “Effects of Annealing in forming gas on the structural and optical properties of RF sputtered Tin(IV)oxide thin films”.

2. Best Poster award, International Conference on Photochemistry and Sustainable Energy, 2019, “Upconverting carbon Quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Applications”


AWARDS IN Arts & Literature:

1. Helen Bolek- award for best short film, 2020

2. Prathichaya Novel award, 2017 for Novel Karimashi, by Prathichaya magazine, Kottayam.

3. Aksharasthree Literary award, 2019 for novel Karimashi, by Aksharasthree Literary organization, Kottayam.

4. Viral Puraskaram for short story, 2018.


Member, PG Board of studies, Physics, University of Calicut, 2019-2021.

Member, Board of Studies, BSc Physics, Sree Narayana Open University, 2021.

Member, Board of Studies, BSc Instrumentation, 2013, University of Calicut.

Life member, Indian Academy of Physics Teachers, 2014.

Life member, Material Research Society of India, 2014

State member of All Kerala Government College Teachers Association

Palakkad regional vice-president, Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad.


Sunitha A.P.
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Physics
Govt. Victoria College

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