Vagamon tour: A Nostalgic Flash Back – (Adv. Pavumpa Sahadevan)


The Vagamon tour program of our Bar Association was a very interesting episode. We started our journey at 6 ‘o clock morning , from karungappally court complex , in ‘Choice ‘ aircondition travel tour bus. All the members of the tour program were highly excited and thrilled throughout the journey. We toured through the various beautiful areas of Vagamon. Though, it was not season period, there were so many tourist travellers who alighted there and they enjoyed jeep trucking journey. All the members of the tour program, enjoyed this tour program, very much. The Breakfast was also very highly tasty delicious dishes. I have eaten a good quantity of breakfast. As we all are the same professional identity and a great level acquaintance with each other, no problem arose among us. The smooth running relationship and it’s harmonious travelling, reached a symphonic level of musical ecstasy which enjoyed all the members of the tour. Our tour travelling experience and it’s end result can not explain in this simple article. The marvellous and adventurous jeep trucking journey through the hill area and thickly forest place, had been highly enjoyed by all the advocate community.

Manu vakil, Binu vakil, Sreenu vakil, Maya vakil , Vazhappally Ajayan vakil, G. P. Anil vakil, Jayaprakash vakil, Shanavas vakil , Harirajan pilla vakil, Vidhya Sagar vakil, Nuphail vakil , Sajina prasadh vakil were adventurously alighted to the stone cave river and spend enough time and enjoyed there. Then We stood in the banks of the river anxiously waiting for them. After long time, they returned from stone cave river and joined with us. Thereafter, We fastly travelled through Jeep trucking , aimed at the destination point, Parathippara tourist resort area. About six ‘ o clock evening, we arrived at the attractive tour resort place, Parathippara. There a big street music band troup welcomed us with a thrilling Hindi cinema hit song. We, Jeevan vakil, Sudheer vakil, Sudheesh vakil, Athul vakil, Shanavas vakil, Adheep Vakil , Shibin vakil, Dev venugopal, Akhil, Nithin prakash, Nripan were enjoyed this street music band troup ‘s hit Hindi and Malayalam songs. Some of the advocate friends highly immersed in this music and they enjoyed it with thrilling dances. While at the time of this street music, Maya vakil, Milisree vakil, Manjusha vakil, Suhaletha vakil, Mini vakil , Rema vakil, Dheepa vakil,had been engaged in purchasing, near a fancy Shop.This time, Rejani pilla vakil , Prasanthi,Gopika, Hari Priya, Akhila were went to a big Bakery stall for cool drinks and other delicious snak dishes.

The dream like atmosphere of the Vagamon area was highly amazing and mesmerizing one. Now it became a legendary nostalgia to , allmost all the members. Some of the members of the Vagamon tour program had taken so many colourful phots. They copied the beautiful nature and some of the attractive landscape, in their mobile camera. Beautiful rare snap shot and rarest of the rare photos are speciality of our tour program. The grand cinematic kaleidoscopic picture of the 9 ladies became a legendary photo in this tour program. Our tasty lunch dish was in a star like hotel, Vagamon. After the delicious dinner dishes, we returned from the Vagamon Parathippara, about 8’o clock. Thanks a lot , dear secretary, president, tour convenor, and all the exicutive members members of the Bar Association, karungappally.

21.3. 2024.

Written by Adv.Pavumpa Sahadevan.

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