The Essence of Universal Truths – (Arsha Sibin)


The essence of universal truths

(Novel Kalppadukal written by Karoor Soman, Published by Poorna Publications)

By Arsha Sibin

There are only a few stories in Malayalam that capture the innermost feelings of migrants.
This may be because the number of writers who felt the warmth of migration is less or due to the
lack of immigrant writers. However, if we look at the history of literature, we get to know that
Malayali people are always interested to read this kind of works. Malayalam readers always love
to know more about unfamiliar panoramas. He may wish that there was a world beyond sahya
and that it should appear in his mind through his eyes. The sights that we see through our eyes
can’t be changed. But the migrant writing is created in such a way that one can change the
regions and surroundings to one’s will. In this work, which is set in central Europe, a group of
people who are detached from the clutches of mechanical life can be seen. There is no doubt that
western countries are rich. The same is the case of people who reside there. But the thoughts and
life of the central character Annie in the novel are different, however, that was not immoral. No
matter how many times the situation was there, Anne was unable to do anything immoral. It was
God who spread light before her ignorance. Her thoughts on the divine put the reader in such a
state for a moment.
The character of Gracie, who is portrayed as the embodiment of all sins, is entirely
different from Annie. Considered as a perfect example of a polluted mind, this character propels
the novel in every sense. What readers want is a victory against this evil that follows the life of
Annie, which is meaningful and storyless at the same time. Here the novelist’s intention is not a
travelogue presenting the comprehensive geography of Europe. Albeit, in these lines one can
read the genius of an experienced writer who made a genre-wise use of literature, turning it into
both travel literature and a novel that encapsulates sublime human life. I find this work as the
best novel, mainly in two ways. Even got immersed in reading, the novel never ignores one who
begs for a need. The novelist himself appears directly as a correction whenever vicious thoughts
came to the mind of characters. Thus he urges readers not to do so, underlining the fact all that
glitters are not gold. Unusual moments appear nowhere in the novel. Here lives of some
characters appear in an interconnected manner. Such a correlation can be seen from the maid

named Mathy who appears to be pragmatic in the first scene of the novel. This shows the
author’s proficiency in writing. Heed the elegance in the dialogue that the novelist uses to steer
the relationship between Jose and Annie in a negative way. ‘Why are you so interested in her?’
Gracie burst out with anger.
‘She came as my daughter-in-law.
‘Oh… your daughter-in-law. You are assigned to find out a girl to look after this house. Justin
will take care of other things. The real Malayali nature captured by these lines makes the work
outstanding. In addition to his excellent writing skill, Karoor Soman also forges readable
circumstances through this novel. Besides dealing with a relevant theme, the novelist also
performs his duty to convey what is seen and heard around him. When I read this novel, I
experienced the nostalgia of regaining the lost value of the Malayalam novel of the early
eighties. I would like to discern it in this manner.

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