Change -An elixir of life – (Medhini)


Forget about the change you get,
When you part with your currency,
Think about the changes which
We ask for or want to indulge in.

Everyone is crazy about change
To get pleasure or pain;
The youth implore more;
For the change, in every minute.

Changes can be in dress and ornaments,
Food, fashion and home style
Crockery, shoes, bags, and towels
Walking, dancing and singing style.

Marx, the Russian leader, wrote:
“Change is the only thing that can not be changed”.
How truthful; his words are:
But no one emphasizes -change is for good or bad.

Weather change is for good or bad,
We need not indulge in an analysis;
For history only will reveal in time-
Let’s rejoice at the change as it’s an elixir of life.


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